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Your Support Makes a Difference

The impact of every dollar cannot be understated when it comes to STORM Search and Rescue. 100% of our donated funds, materials, supplies, & resources go directly towards our mission of supporting our communities in their darkest days. 

How your support provides an impact


Want to see our funds in action? Check out our previous projects, responses, & support we've provided thanks to donors just like you.


Support for STORM SAR doesn't have to be financial! With the various disasters & emergencies that we respond to, we have various needs, services, & costs whose costs can be reallocated thanks to unique gifts-in-kind. 

CONTACT US or use one of the buttons below to work with us on non-financial support! 

Our Supporters

We wouldn't have the successful missions & deployments without our generous partners & supporters. From gifts-in-kind to significant project funding, we are thankful for every bit of support we receive. 

Are you or your business interested in being a part of helping our neighbors & joining this illustrious list? Contact us today!

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