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Specialized Tactical Operations rELIEF mobilization Team

S.T.O.R.M. is a veteran founded, non-profit organization. 


Our Vision

A world where communities are resilient in the face of disasters, empowered through immediate, efficient relief efforts, and supported by sustainable housing and innovative eco-friendly food production for long-term recovery and growth.

Our Mission

To alleviate short-term suffering by providing immediate efficient relief during a disaster. In addition to providing immediate relief, we intend to enlist the community to take an active role in their recovery by providing long-term solutions through sustainable housing and innovative eco-friendly food production.


Our Motto

"Num Custos Fratris"

which translates to "Our Brothers' Keeper." Our mission is to uplift and empower individuals in the communities we serve by offering valuable disaster relief training and educational resources (e.g., CERT, SAR, EM, DR etc.). At S.T.O.R.M., we rely on the strength and dedication of local volunteers, and partnerships with non-profits, corporate charity foundations, and humanitarian groups who share our commitment to service and a belief in a higher purpose.

S.T.O.R.M. is on the cover and has a published article about how it all got started in the

The future of disaster relief is here

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